Regional news

Cherkasy regional Department of the National Corps party. All news and events of the National Corps in Cherkasy.

In the united territorial community of Vasylkiv of Kyiv region candidates are trying to falsify the election results. Police have already initiated m [...]
Recently a scandal has broken out on social networks over a task in a workbook for second-graders on the subject of "I'm exploring the world.", in wh [...]
A number of Odesa beaches are currently illegally operated and built up. Odesa citizens lose access to the sea coast year after year. That is we d [...]
We have already written that they are extremely outraged by the actions of the Gulliver shopping mall administration. Their decision to show the LGBT [...]
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For five years of social and political activity he together with not indifferent citizens of Odesa defended the Summer theater, the House with one wa [...]

Ternopil is flooded

Yesterday in Ternopil a huge amount of precipitation fell, which led to flooding of several streets in the city. Due to a malfunction of the drainage [...]
The residents of Novoselse Street in Odesa, who recently had a fire, asked the National Corps activists to help. The representatives of the Nation [...]
The situation near the Olympic College in Kyiv is pretty hectic again. After an attempt to seize the institution, beat and detain students, the repre [...]
In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic in Prykarpattia, the surgical department of the Otyniya district hospital, which served almost 30,000 people [...]
Yesterday 137 years have passed since the birth of Peter Bolbochan, an outstanding fighter for the freedom of Ukraine, a brilliant military leader, l [...]
Nationalists have always been famous for being able to defend themselves and their loved ones. We never forget about the physical education of our ac [...]
Activists of the Kropyvnytskyi National Corps joined the screening of films in the regional library for youth. The screening took place as part of th [...]